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The types of trademark Indonesia - Trademark is one of the ways used for referring to a specific brand. Even If you don’t realize, everyone deals with a trademark in their daily life. It influences consumers' purchasing decisions from the reputation of the brand that represents. A businessman needs to have an understanding of why a trademark is an important aspect to help grow their business. Thus, you need to know the types of trademark indonesia as your reference before registering it.

Three Aspects That Distinguish the Brand in Business

1. Branding

Mark or known as a brand is the symbol that can represent in the form of picture, logo, name, words, and number. Even the brand can be shown with a 2D or 3D model from hologram and combination of both aspects. It is important to distinguish the trademark for products and trademark for services in the business. Besides, detailed information on branding has been regulated in law about Mark and Indication of Geography.

That’s why, in order to make your company name more noticed by a lot of people, you need to make a symbol or design that describes your business. It helps to identify a product and distinguish it from other services and products. Branding is the way to distinguish yourself from other competitors to make a professional appearance and to lure the consumer to your product or services.

2. Trademark for Product

Trademark is a mark that is used on a commodity by a person or collectively to make a difference from the other product name. Besides that, it is a legal entity to distinguish it from other similar goods. Your brand will get recognition in the market, especially in small or medium-sized enterprises. The trademark genuinely can distinguish the product that you make, for example, food or even cloth.

Besides, a trademark for products serves a mark of identification for your company, which has a better approach to reach your customer. Making a registered symbol can easily advertise your product. Once the product gets popularized, the marketing can be done by just writing on social media. Especially in the digital era, which commonly uses Digital Marketing that can reach large audiences with minimum budget.

After you consider a trademark is an important thing for your brand, you need to register your product. It leads to preventing the crime that takes your company’s name. But in case you unregister trademarks, you will get the risk of other companies taking a hold of your original products’ name. That’s why trademark registration indeed plays a significant role to determine your goods. A trademark Indonesia is very important.

3. Trademark for Service Business

A trademark for a service business is different from a trademark product. A service mark is designed to distinguish the services of one company that has multiple services. Service brands are often in the form of a slogan. However, service marks are sometimes confusing since many products are also bundled with the same things. You can see from the example of trademark Indonesia, if you buy a car, you also buy services like maintenance.

As you can see from the previous explanation, you can get benefits if you have the brand name of your company. It can help your product to get recognized by a lot of people. To secure your business name, you need to register a trademark in the Directorate General of Intellectual Property. But before that, make sure you get all of the requirements that should be completed beforehand.

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